Clear, relatable, actionable advice conveyed through the words of individuals from all over the globe. 




Learn what others in similar situations have to say about transitioning, adapting, and travel. Their words will inspire you and let you know the truth: you are not alone.



Learn about gadgets, hacks, strategies, and technology real third culture individuals have used and recommend. Never feel like your background or situation is a negative.



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Over 240 million international migrants worldwide.


If all of them were in one location, it would be the fifth largest country on earth.

But where is their voice?

Third Culture Journey is a way for these kinds of people to communicate their perspectives and worldview.


TCJ's Origin Story


Interested in hearing our story? Checkout the About page, which walks you through the conception of TCJ, as well as the vision for it. If you want a chance to be featured on the podcast, please reach out to us.



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Please reach out to us and tell your story. We have guests from all over the world: Ukraine, Senegal, Alaska, Tanzania, etc. Your story is another piece to the puzzle. Help us get the full picture.

Don't think you have stories to contribute?

Don't let that stop you! You would be surprised at how many "ordinary" events and circumstances tend to be unique if viewed from a new perspective.